Tons to learn and little to find. free mq editor and other info

1 year 9 months ago #1 by aethervagrant
Got a Phoenix MicroQ a few weeks ago and been slowly wrapping my head around all the different ways to use it. Info online is frequently sparse or deprecated.
First off: this site

Has links to a free MqEditor (most others still alive are charging $50 or more for a librarian) As well as much Q and mQ related info that took me forever to find.
It comes as a .jar file and I had a hell of a time getting my pc to open it, but if your pc wont open jar files even though you have java or wont allow you to set it as a default program, make a blank .bat file, edit it, and paste "java -jar *filename.jar*" to get it to run on win10.
It has a vocoder thats a little weird to figure out but works great as an effect for other synths and drum machines. MidiOx for sending sysex files, though if you get the above editor it is mostly redundant, but can help troubleshoot problems.

Im using a midi merger so I can have the mQeditor up getting midi dumps from the q and a keystep attatched to audition sounds without changing plugs. Should be able to just usb the keystep, but so far that causes errors in apps wanting exclusive midi access, but this works great. Had a midi merger up for sale, finally found a great use for it.

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