Feature Requests....

4 months 2 weeks ago - 4 months 2 weeks ago #115 by eriklieders
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Just few things...

1. Separate adsr for each OSC (or another routing - each OSC on each filter).
2. Separate FX for each OSC (individual EQ for example).
3. Beat synced envelopes.
4. Timestretch for audio Samples or beat sync for samples.
from the point of view of a musical instrument, this is more important than the next function of copying / pasting from an external USB, for example.
Thank you!
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1 month 1 week ago #116 by Bernhard234
Replied by Bernhard234 on topic Feature Requests....
I have a request for the Iridium/Quantum which I posted in the wrong place, so here it is again:

Especially for live playing it would be great, if there was possibility to just open each Menu of the 6 display knobs without changing the values on first touch. That would be great for live use as you can first check where you want the parameter to change to and then directly switch via touch without having to scroll through some different values (and hearing them) reaching your intended one. For example pressing the value on the screen could just open the list of parameters. 

For me as an improvising musician it would be a very big advantage. 

Thank you!

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4 weeks 1 day ago - 4 weeks 1 day ago #117 by Trigonometrie
Replied by Trigonometrie on topic Feature Requests....
1. Free running Sequencer with start/stop independent of finger down gate.
2. Gate Hold option for sequencer/turn off retrig for (amp) envelope. Currently the sequencer always retrigs the note on every new step which makes it unsuitable for holding the note while modulating sound parameters e.g. wavetable with the sequencer
3. Clock/Sequencer Clock as modulation destination: this way it would be possible to use the sequencer as a multistage envelope with up to 32 stages with individual control of times (similar to the wave envelope on older waldorf synths with time and level control for each stage). With the komplex modulator it is not possible to determine the length of individual stages
4. independent lengths for different sequencer lanes
5. Set End point for ping-pong and cycle travel-modes. This way they would not always go to the end of a wavetable but could be used as extra lfos on the wavetable position freeing up the other 6 LFOs for even more modulation madness.
6. Osc to filter FM (as Rolf said at SuperBooth only possible for) digital filters
Thanks so much for this already wonderful synth!
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